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Someone contacted me through my Etsy Store and asked for a custon drawing of a heart with HLHS, Hyperplastic Left Heart Syndrome...here's the outcome (sketch first, final second)



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Sorry, the correct link for the cranial nerves website was


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Found this today, I found the two quizzes were quite helpful in solidifying my knowledge and understanding of cranial nerves and their functions.
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Since I've been so busy lately I haven't had the chance to post here, so I figure why not? I see quite a few new people have joined, so welcome! Feel free to post, ask questions etc.

I want to start creating a textbook list, any books or texts that you found helpful or enlightening.

Gross Anatomy
-Principles of Human Anatomy - Gerard J. Tortora
-Human Anatomy - Martini, Timmons, Tallitsch
-Gray's Anatomy

Neural Anatomy
-The Human Brain; An Introduction to Its Functional Anatomy - John Nolte

-Dorland's Illustrated Medical dictionary

Flash Cards & Study tools
- Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards - John T. Hansen
- Netter's Neuroscience Flash Cards - David L. Felten

Not recommended
-Dictionary of Medical Terms - Mikel A. Rothenberg, Charles F. Chapman (Barron's Medical guides). Half the time you look for something and there is no entry for it. More of a layman's text then anything else.
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On an off topic note, I just thought I'd post and let everyone know that the New England Journal of Medicine is offering a free 8 issue trial. You can find the link on the main page at nejm.org!
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"Batch of Breaths," a drawing in India Ink of the anatomy of lungs over a photograph of a tree, interplaying the relation and similarities between the two. Not only are they comparable in appearance, but in nature they depend upon each other. For information, please click here.
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For more information see
my Ebay Auction
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I have a strong passion for anatomy, and I like to study it by drawing.

This is an original drawing, showing the interrelations between the spinal cord and a spiral staircase. Drawing is done in India Ink on a canvas panel with a guache wash. Item will ship out on the next business day of sale. You can find the auction on Ebay here

Thank you for your interest

If saying my item is for sale goes against any rules, feel free to take the link away.

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This was on the BBC this morning, new technology on the market for diagnosis.


Its amazing to know that the same technology that is in many phones, and available for your home electronics might be saving lives. How Bluetooth technology might be saving stroke patients lives; http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/4153580.stm

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Thought I'd share this, a helpful set of Animations for some anatomical related things.

Anatomy exam is Tuesday for me, so I'm brushing up on the respiratory system, digestive system, urinary system and the reproductive systems. Lots to do...

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